Duplex is a premium detailing product brand launched by N09 Corp.

Duplex is proud of offering the best quality of the products manufactured by professionals in each field with their Experience the products giving satisfaction to both our customers and partners.

N09 Corp. provides products needed for detailing by each brand. With Duplex as a premium brand, Detailing Some for whoever to use, and N-Tool optimized to detail, we always try to do our best in offering better quality of the products and services than yesterday to people who love a car.

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Brand by N09 Corporation

These are the brands offered by N09 Corp., and we deal with all kinds of detailing products.

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It is a premium detailing product brand manufactured by S. Korea’s best technologies integrated with. As an optimized brand to detail, it is easy to use, and long-lasting products.

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Detailing Some

It is an upper-intermediate class detailing product brand manufactured to have anyone comfortably approach to use that brings a new paradigm.

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It is a brand for detailing tools such as a wheel brush, an applicator, and a microfiber towel that offers various products deigned effectively and conveniently to use.


Featured Products

The products offered by Duplex are formulated to maintain the best condition of your vehicle through experiences and experiments of the professionals in various fields.







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Product Reviews

You can see reviews from customers having tried Duplex. Look into what they said.


Affiliated brands

The brands run by N09 Corp. offer various range of products from car washing supplies to baby supplies.